U.S Representative Russ Fulcher, (R) Idaho District 1

Every January since 1974, tens of thousands of Americans have gathered in our Nation’s Capital for the March for Life around the anniversary of the Supreme Court decision Roe v. Wade.

You might not be familiar with this event, as most mainstream media outlets give it little attention and have frequently misreported the number of attendees. Regardless of coverage, attendance at this year’s march reached an estimated 100,000 people and featured speakers including President Trump.

This year, the march coincides with a new movement by Republicans in the House of Representatives that seeks to recognize the more than 50 million victims that have been lost to abortion since the Supreme Court decision was handed down.

I’ve put my support behind Representative Jodi Hice’s resolution to designate January 22 as the “Day of Tears,” which encourages citizens to lower their flags to half-staff in order to mourn and honor victims of abortion.

While the resolution is symbolic, acknowledging the victims of abortion is a critical step in our country’s fight to honor the sanctity of life.

Representing these values on behalf of Idaho’s First District, I am strongly and consistently “pro-life.” I believe life begins at conception and that every unborn child has the inherent right to life.

My concern for life doesn’t end with the child. It includes ensuring women receive general gynecological care and proper maternal care during and after pregnancy.

Additionally, it includes strong geriatric care for the elderly in our society.

Finally, we must not tolerate women being coerced into having an abortion. I sponsored pro-life legislation in Idaho and have continued my efforts to support pro-life policies at the federal level.

I encourage Americans of all walks of life - a plurality of whom oppose abortion - to take a moment each January 22 to reflect on both the innocent lives lost to abortion, and what each of us can personally do to help a mother choose life.

Thank you to everyone who attended the March for Life last week, and I hope to join you all again next year.

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Russ, like Heather, is emboldened by McConnell’s Supreme Court stacking. They’re making a bet if they can ram through a complete ban on abortion in Idaho, it’ll survive a legal challenge all the way to SCOTUS. What they fail to see is that Trump is not going to win the next election & John Roberts isn’t an ideologue they are. And let’s say he is. When the Dems take the Senate, Presidency, and retain the House -- all due to Trump’s inadequate leadership -- they will follow through with expanding the court to nullify McConnell’s lawlessness.

I’ll be sure to remind you all after it happens. In the mean time, if you’re buying what Russ and Heather are selling -- you’re wasting your hard earned tax dollars on stupid political theatre.

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