Wild Idaho Rising Tide (WIRT), #No2ndBridge and regional climate activists are hosting a Fossil Fuels Train Pollution Protest in Bonner and Boundary counties on Saturday, February 1.

Participants are gathering at 10 a.m. at the City Beach Park pavilion in Sandpoint for a brief information sharing rally.

Participants will car pool to the Gateway Visitors Center in Bonners Ferry to march at 11 a.m. and return to Sandpoint by 1 p.m.

This community event commemorates the one-month anniversary of the January 1 rock slide derailment and January 26 removal and current disassembly of a Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway mixed freight train locomotive that submerged and leaked at least 2,100 gallons of diesel fuel and engine oil into the Kootenai River near Moyie Springs.

Resistance to ongoing, coal, oil and hazardous materials train pollution and derailment risks and impacts to public and environmental health and safety is increasing across the Idaho Panhandle.

Rural rail corridor residents continue to oppose bridge, track and operations expansions that compound these threats, such as BNSF’s inherently perilous, present and proposed, fossil fuels pipelines-on-rails across north Idaho, along the Kootenai River, and almost one mile over Lake Pend Oreille.

After dozens of derailments along waterways and deadly and injurious railroad collisions in north Idaho and western Montana during the last decade, frontline activists are demanding that multiple government agencies provide to the public and enforce several measures, to prevent and mediate the ecosystem and economic devastation imposed on rural communities by the Kootenai River wreck and similar disasters.

Through comment letters, they are requesting derailment oil spill information, independent water quality and environmental monitoring, protection of native and endangered fish and wildlife, a Federal Railroad Administration incident investigation and penalties, and railroad operation revisions and locomotive recovery plans.

Protest organizers ask that participants dress for winter warmth and dryness, bring friends, family and creative, relevant signs and banners, assist with event transportation, and sign the Petition to Deny and Revoke Permits for the BNSF Sandpoint Junction Connector Project.


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old coot

RE:WIRT "Enviormental "group.I am always skeptical of any person or group who demeans or criticizes a person or group who risk their lives under dangerous conditions to rescue someone.(the first article). Mike,you are leaning pretty far left aren't you?

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