It's her first foray into business, but when Amy Roemelen heard that unless somebody stepped in, Bonner's Bottom Dollar would close, she felt had no choice but to accept the challenge. It has been, she said, both interesting and rewarding.

"I knew it was a unique store that filled a necessary niche in Bonners Ferry," she said. "So far, it's gone well. Our first holiday season went well, we're getting our inventory to where I'm a little happier and it's holding its own."


Amy Roemelen and just some of what you'll find at Bonner's Bottom Dollar.

Every day, Amy said, new people stop in, most exclaiming they had no idea such a store was here, in the building that was once the showroom of Sim's Implement, the local John Deere dealership.

There's still a tile on the floor she keeps clear for all to see that bears the John Deere logo, kept there to hold on to the building's unique history.

Initially opened last year, Amy took over at the end of October and has been working steadily to make Bonner's Bottom Dollar fit her ideal of a great little store as well as an asset to the community.

Bonner's Bottom Dollar is not a dollar store, but a discount variety store, offering a large selection of products at the very best prices she can find.

"If there's anything you don't see that we should have," Amy tells nearly every customer, "please let us know. This is your store!"

As you walk in, you'll see a "seasonal wall" first thing, festooned now with all things Valentine's Day and changing with each holiday and through each season. Browsing, you'll find a wide variety; an extensive crafts section, toys, clothing, tools, a section of party items from kids to grown up.

"Our inventory is growing and we're working hard to provide those things you can't find elsewhere in town," she said.

There's a yarn section, kids' warm clothing and winter boots. One customer came up carrying poster board and a bag of googly eyes her children will soon turn into school art projects.

With such a wide variety and selection, Bonner's Bottom Dollar is one of those rare stores you have to stop in at often, because each time you do, there's something new to see!

Bonner's Bottom Dollar is also now the Bonners Ferry U-Haul center, offering truck and trailer rentals as well as packing supplies, moving boxes and more.

Bonner's Bottom Dollar is located at 6606 South Main at the corner of Highway 95 and Augusta Street in Bonners Ferry. It's open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Saturday, closed Sunday, and will be adding an extra hour of shopping pleasure through the summer, when they'll stay open until 6 p.m.

Now that the store is starting to look as she thinks it should, Amy is working with the Bonners Ferry Chamber of Commerce to hold a grand opening celebration this spring, but in the meantime, all are invited to stop in, say "hi," look around and give Amy suggestions as to items you'd like to see in her unique and fun store!

To learn more, stop in or call (208) 278-2300.

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