I called Governor Little’s office and got a return call today about opening the Trap Club to shooting again. They said okay as long as we limited to 10 people and stayed six feet apart for social distancing, which is fine for shooting as shooters are nine feet apart anyway to abide by trapshooting rules for 16 yards for practice, and farther apart for handicap.

On Saturday, May 9, we got to try out our new asphalt shooting pad with flat yellow stations painted on it for our two new trap houses.

“Duke’s Claybusters,” the high school trap team, had seven members. We had great weather and what great shooting scores for having had no practice in more than a month!

Wyatt McDonald broke his first 25/25 ... Congrats Wyatt! Colin Fairchild also smoked 25/25 for the fourth or fifth time. Ryan Carelli shot 22/25, Dillon 22/25, Melanie 21/25, Isaac 19×25 and Ilena shot her best score yet with 11×25.

On Saturday, May 16, we have a “Duke’s Clayubusters” shoot off from the winter shoot between Juniors Torsten and Seth, and Sub-Juniors Kamen and Wyatt M. There will also be a presentation of the high team score, won by the Claybusters school team, which will be presented by Digger Powel, who runs the Big-Sky I-Net Shoot.

Remember Social Distancing! We are open Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays at 10 a.m.

On behalf of the Bonners Ferry Gun Club, I’d also like to thank the club members for all your help, General Feed & Grain, Vic and Brian Rae, for your donation of grass seed and fertilizer for the lawn in front of the trap houses. Also Ron and Kristie Campbell for their help and a donation of $1,000; the Claybusters team for cleanup of the grounds and building, Melanie and Cassidy, Darcy, Kristie and Lucinda for cleaning the inside of the club house, and all the parents as well; the boys for raking the gravel and rocks away to prepare the ground for the new lawn, Fred Hendrickson for trap moving, Mel Wood, James Daniels, Dennis Johnson, Chuck Davis, Dennis Sanders and Interstate for the paving and Wenk for the gravel.

Thank you Boundary County residents for all your support!

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