Now that Governor Little has led the state into Stage 2, the courthouse will open its doors to the public for business starting Monday, May 18.

Boundary County officials are requesting the public continue to conduct county business online, over the phone, or through the mail whenever possible.

However, for transactions that must be done in person the county will begin limited public access to the County Courthouse.

The following guidelines will be in place:

  • All citizens and employees must wear face coverings (masks) while in the courthouse building, by order of the Idaho Supreme Court.
  • Only nine people will be able to be in the courthouse building at one time. A monitor will be present at the front doors to keep count and answer questions. If the courthouse reaches the limit, additional citizens must wait outside until someone else leaves.
  • Entry will only be available through the front doors on Kootenai Street. The back door will be locked. Special exception can be made for wheelchair access.
  • The boxes for ballots, payments, auto registrations, etc. will still be in place at both doors for your convenience.
  • Social distancing of at least 6 feet should be maintained, and only one single person (not groups) will be able to enter to conduct business.
  • Only one person at the counter to conduct business at a time please. There will be tape markings on the floor to help keep the 6-foot distancing while waiting in line.
  • Anyone entering should go directly to, or to the line for, the office that can assist them. Please do not loiter once your business is completed.
  • No passports will be processed at this time as processing by the Federal Government is not occurring.
  • These rules apply to the County Courthouse only. Other county offices will be opening with similar restrictions including face covering requirements, so please check with them before visiting in person.

Actual court operations fall under the jurisdiction of the Idaho Supreme Court and there will be different protocols established for court functions.

We appreciate the cooperation and continued understanding. Thank you for following these rules to help protect the most vulnerable members within our community.

The following are contact numbers for individual county offices:

Treasurer Office: (208) 267-3291,

Assessor Office: (208) 267-3301,

Auto Licensing: (208) 267-7613

Clerk’s Office: (208) 267-2242

Sheriff: (208) 267-3151

Court: (208) 267-5504

Jury Commissioner: (208) 267-0924

Prosecutor: (208) 267-7545

Extension services: (208) 267-3235

Road and Bridge services: (208) 267-3838,

Probation: (208) 267-7983

Parks and Recreation: (208) 267-5130

Planning and Zoning; (208) 267-7212,

Commissioners: (208) 267-7723,

Veterans services: (208) 267-8611, or (208) 255-8882

Noxious Weeds: (208) 267-5341

See the Idaho Rebounds plan details here.

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I thought the order was for the courtROOM not the courtHOUSE.

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