On Monday, California announced that it is prohibiting taxpayer-funded travel to Idaho due to Idaho’s recently passed anti-transgender laws.

House Minority Leader Representative Ilana Rubel (D-Boise) expressed her extreme disappointment in the Idaho legislature.

“It was extremely foreseeable that Idaho’s new anti-transgender laws would create a cascading financial disaster for our state.” Rubel said. “The legislature was not only warned by current and former attorneys-general that these laws were unconstitutional and would cost a fortune to defend, but was further warned by a group of Idaho’s leading employers that passing such openly discriminatory legislation would cause severe damage to the business community. I am proud that every Democratic legislator heeded those warnings and voted against the bills."

On March 30, Governor Brad Little signed legislation that bars transgender individuals from changing the sex marker on their birth certificate. It also prohibits transgender athletes from competing in sports teams in public school and university settings.

The law goes into effect on July 1, though legal challenges have already been filed.

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Ron McCollum

I'm not seeing this as a bad thing with California. We should notify Washington State also, maybe they'll do the same.........[smile]


The likelihood of Idaho losing any revenue based on this ban is close to ZERO. State workers in California travel to other field offices of their agency within California and receive travel allowances for their offsite expenses. Anything is possible but I highly doubt there would be any approved travel to Idaho by a California state employee.

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