As the Fourth of July holiday approaches, the City of Bonners Ferry and Boundary County have been receiving questions about the Fourth of July as it relates to events being advertised, as well as the use of fireworks both in city limits and outside city limits.

As of today, no complete parade permit has been submitted or issued by the City of Bonners Ferry for a parade on the Fourth of July.

The city has been made aware of advertisement for a “public parade” or “patriotic protest” planned for the date. The public should be aware, that the city has no information that this event is insured in any capacity, nor has it been permitted or endorsed by the City of Bonners Ferry or Boundary County.

Additionally, because no permit has been completed or issued, the typical traffic control provided by the City Police will not be occurring. This will mean that on street parking in the downtown area will not be restricted on the Fourth of July, nor will street closures occur.

Participants in any protest or “public parade” should be aware that any personal injury or property damage that may occur will likely be the responsibility of the individual causing such injury as there is no insurance coverage provided by a governmental entity or any private organization to date.

Additionally, the Boundary County Parks and Recreation managed facilities at the Fairgrounds have also not been rented to any organization for the Fourth of July.

Fireworks inside the city limits are not permitted per Bonners Ferry City Code 7-4-4. Further, Idaho Code Title 39, Chapter 26 prohibits the use of “special” fireworks outside of permitted events.

“Non-aerial common” fireworks are permitted under Idaho Code, this includes fireworks such as ground spinners, fountains, sparklers, smoke devices or snakes designed to remain on or near the ground and not to travel outside a fifteen foot diameter circle or emit sparks or other burning material which land outside a twenty foot diameter circle or above a height of 20-feet.

Non-aerial common fireworks do not include firecrackers, jumping jacks, or similar products.

This applies in the county and city. Idaho Code section 39-2611 dictates that parents/guardians are liable for damages caused by any minor child through the use of fireworks.

Should any individual or organization submit a complete parade permit application to the City of Bonners Ferry by noon on Thursday, July 2, it will be evaluated for potential approval and issuance for a parade on Saturday, July 4.

Pursuant to Bonners Ferry City Code Title Three, Chapter Seven, the completed application form must include the permit fee and refundable clean-up fee as well a comprehensive general liability insurance policy in the amount of one million dollars.

If anyone has questions or concerns about the use of fireworks inside the city limits or regarding a parade permit, please feel free to contact the City of Bonners Ferry at (208) 267-3105.

To report the use of illegal or dangerous fireworks or behavior, citizens should utilize the Boundary County Sheriff’s Office dispatch line at (208) 267-3151, extension 0.

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