Boundary County Commissioners are considering an increase of its planning and zoning fees for land use applications. A virtual public hearing will be held at 9:30 a.m. Tuesday, June 2, in the Commissioners' office, room 28 in the Boundary County Courthouse, 6452 Kootenai Street, Bonners Ferry.

Those interested in participating can access the hearing by calling 1 (877) 402-9753 just before the meeting starts, entering access code, 9099848#.

The purpose of the hearing will be to receive public comment and to explain the reasons for the proposed increase to Planning and Zoning fees.

Under the proposed increase, residential placement permits, currently $35, would be increased to $200, commercial/industrial placement permits would go from $50 to $300, conditional use permit application fee from $90 to $500, special event permit applications from $90 to $200, temporary use permit applications from $180 to $500, variance applications from $90 to $300.

A simple parcel split would increase from $35 to $200, a primitive parcel split from $35 to $200, a parcel line adjustment from $35 to $200, a lot line adjustment within a subdivision from $90 to $200, a short plat subdivision application from $90 to $400, a long plat subdivision application from $180 to $800.

A citizen-requested quasi-judicial zone map amendment application would increase from $200 to $500, a comprehensive plan amendment application from $200 to $500, an ordinance amendment application from $200 to $500. Filing a zoning appeal would increase from $180 to $500.

In addition to the above fees, applicants shall also reimburse Boundary County for first class mailings or display advertisements required for public notification pursuant to Section 19, Boundary County Zoning and Subdivision Ordinance.

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I agree that we need to raise the fees....just not so high so fast. Do it methodically over the next few years. As for the comment above regarding candidates, if they are not at the meetings doesn’t mean they are not keeping up with the topics in other ways.

Please, please get your ballot request in and vote Boundary County!


So 37 years ago - I THINK our county commissioners did some work on the budget. Raised their pay to 32 K if I remember right. THAT public hearing had the court room packed. Wife's of men who had to go to Alaska so their family had enough stood up and said WHO do you think you all are dealing with? The person who was in charge of the Hospital who was told they needed to cut back was mad as he had ever been. You see half of our hospital is a nursing wing. No one can give them the care at home they get in the Extended Care wing. WELL this is not about THEN this is about NOW.. I would need more information to understand where the fund are going to be used. OH and the county court house is expensive to run.


Sounds like Liberal big business has slipped in a RINO Governor in Idaho.

Only big business will be able to afford these fees.

Another thing, notice how no more can a person attend an in person meeting? A lot of the older People here only have flip phones. They don't have data or know how to log into a virtual meeting.

Also, even Zoom Conferencing is being hacked and they have private-state of the art cyber security.

In my opinion, this C.V. Hoax is a great tool to use for Liberal agenda and politicians to slide into bright Red States and have them pay for their own takeover.


I am in total support of these increases. The hours needed to fill the mandates by a multitude of agencies has cost Boundary County citizens more than the developer(s). Why should I pay for the “new guy”? Attend one Planning & Zoning meeting to get an idea of the extraordinary amount of work required to establish a residence/lot.

Compare our current fees against those charged by the Cities of Kootenai, Dover, Sandpoint, Ponderay.

Also, have yet to see, or find where candidates for Commissioner have been at a meeting so I’m unsure how they can comment or commit to future actions...

This is not what we need in this county. And will not support That kind of increases. That is part of the reason I’m running for your county commissioner. Vote this week to keep government in check.

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