A bill requiring high school girls to undergo invasive medical testing to play high school sports passed the Senate today with a 24-11 vote.

HB 500, passed by the House with 52-17 vote, bans female transgender athletes from playing on girls’ high school sports teams.

Under this bill, anyone could question the gender of an athlete, who would then be forced to prove their gender through a DNA test, testosterone test, or an “internal and external examination of the reproductive organs.”

The legislation was amended in the Senate and now returns to the House for approval before heading to the Governor’s desk.

Senate Democrats strongly opposed the measure.

“House bill 500 will inevitably result in a lawsuit with a million-dollar price tag and Idaho taxpayers will be footing the bill," Senator Maryanne Jordan D-Boise, said. "The Attorney General made it clear in his recent opinion that this legislation is not constitutional. The legislature is going to discourage young girls and their families from participating in sports because they don’t want to undergo invasive, expensive exams. Eventually, this law is going to lose in court but I am gravely concerned about the consequences to Idaho youth in the meantime.”

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Isn't an "external examination of the reproductive organs” performed at birth and recorded on a certificate which could be used later to play sports? The fear-mongering about invasiveness and pearl clutching about $1 million tax dollars seems to be covering a different agenda. Idahoans understand common sense. Let's stick with that. Boys faster? Don't let them take all of the trophies from all-girl teams.

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