Do you believe everything you see online? AARP will hold a free 30-minute "Sorting Fact From Fiction Online" webinar at 7 p.m. Thursday, August 6. 

In addition to a wealth of helpful information, there are plenty of sensationalized headlines, misleading stories and even complete falsehoods circulating on the internet, making it hard for even the most discerning reader to sort fact from fiction.

You can stay one step ahead of misinformation if you know the three most helpful questions to ask yourself while surfing the web. This free webinar will equip you with tools and resources like the AARP Fact Tracker, which has been designed to help you distinguish fact from fiction online.

Plus, you could discover:

  • Ways to determine if the source you’re using is reputable
  • How to report misleading information or scams
  • Ideas for approaching friends or family who have shared inaccurate content

To register for the seminar featuring speakers Jean Setzfand, senior vice president of AARP, and Alex Mahadevan, senior multimedia reporter with the MediaWise project, click here.

Even if you can't attend, those who register will have access to the seminar any time afterwards. 

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"Ideas for approaching friends or family who have shared inaccurate content"

Let's get ahead of their informative discussion... AARP is a progressive organization, huge lobbying group, and puts its members behind it's own agenda and profits. They made a billion dollars off of pushing Obamacare.

From Conservapedia:

(AARP), is a liberal interest group with a membership of over 39 million members, for people age 50 and over in the United States. As a progressive-run organization, the AARP heavily promotes the Obama Administration's Health Care Reform legislation. AARP claims to represent retired people, yet the retired people will have the most to lose in national health coverage. Even though AARP says they are nonpartisan, a review of their policies and politics reveal left-wing liberal bias.

I'll get my leftist news right here at KVT, thank you very much. No need to add more sources of progressive propaganda.

Do your own homework on what you read. You don't need anyone (especially those with an agenda) telling you what to believe or who to cancel.

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