In response to the COVID-19 emergency declarations, the Idaho Department of Motor Vehicles has temporarily expanded the scope of online services now available to citizens through the online portal.

These changes went into effect at start of business today and there has already been an uptick in these transactions this morning. 

Commercial driver’s license holders are eligible to renew or request a duplicate through the online portal (hazmat still required) as long as there are no changes to CDL endorsements or restrictions.

CDL holders are encouraged to refer to the Expanded Emergency Declaration under 49 CFR § 390.23 No. 2020-002 (Relating to COVID-19) for requirement waivers for transporting essential supplies, goods, equipment, and/or persons.

Idahoans may process a duplicate/renewal online if they are between the ages of 17 and 75, for identification cards, driver’s licenses, and commercial driver’s licenses (hazmat still required).

Idahoans may process a four-year renewal online, even if they previously had an eight-year renewal.

Idahoans with an imposed medical condition requirement may renew online.

Idahoans may call (208) 334-8736 to process a change of address and request a duplicate/renewal credential over the telephone with a DMV agent. All citizens are encouraged to use the online portal, but telephone processing is available if assistance is needed.

DMV has also temporarily paused medical exam suspensions and medical certificate downgrades in response to the COVID-19 emergency declarations.

Customers with a Medical Requirement (generally non-CDL related), such as an annual physical, will no longer be suspended at this time if they are unable to see their physician or optometrist. Please do not change any dates in the customer record. Once this emergency ends, this requirement will be imposed. If you run into a BVR related to this while processing a renewal, please contact Driver’s Licensing at ITD.

CDL Holders with expired medical certifications are not being downgraded and are allowed to renew or replace their CDL at this time. Again, once this emergency ends, this requirement will be imposed and if you run into a BVR related to this while processing a renewal, please contact Driver’s Licensing at ITD.

•AAMVA and Law Enforcement will receive a valid driver and certification status, but the Med Cert portion will show past the expiration date.

03/17/2020 – Automatic Extensions for Expiring Driver’s Licenses and Vehicle Registrations (non-Commercial)

The Idaho Transportation Department issued automatic extensions for expiring driver’s licenses and noncommercial registrations. The 90-day extension only applies to driver’s licenses and noncommercial registration, the department said Monday. Any license or registration that expires between March 1 and May 31 will have until June 30 to renew.

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