The historic "impeachment in search of a crime" is over ... for now. I just started my second year as a member of the U.S. Congress, and impeachment efforts have preoccupied the House leadership agenda every day that I have served.

To put it more bluntly, Speaker Pelosi, Chairman Schiff, and other democratic leaders have allowed their vitriol toward President Trump to override the interests of our entire nation.

As a result, this Congress has accomplished very little in terms of constructive policy and the level of political polarization is staggering. The vast majority of democrats have made themselves unavailable to any constructive policy dialogue, as they are completely absorbed by their impeachment agenda.

Now that the Senate has acquitted the President, I ask the Speaker and my colleagues across the aisle to put history in the rear-view mirror. Let's fulfill our responsibilities and go to work for the American people.

On Thursday, the House voted on a bill called "The Pro Act." I voted no, just as I did in the Education and Labor Committee.

If the Pro Act were to become law, it would mandate workers to pay union dues, subject personal information to organized labor institutions, and eliminate the right to a secret ballot.

The bill would overturn Idaho's longstanding "Right To Work" law and replace it with federal labor mandates. It would also re-structure corporate franchise rules so drastically that franchises could cease to exist in Idaho.

In terms of potential impact on Idaho, "The Pro Act" would be more appropriately deemed "The Con Act."

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