I wish both the outgoing and incoming mayors the best. I know them both and believe they are men of integrity with the best of intentions. At no fault of either candidate, the citizens of Bonners Ferry are the losers of that election.

A series of errors came to light, the most serious that ballots for the mayoral race were given to voters who live outside of the city at the polling booth.

The County Clerk sent both candidates a letter stating fraudulent votes were cast that may have affected the outcome of the election.

While elected city, county and state officials were aware of this, nothing has been done to make this right or ensure it will not happen again.

The recount accomplished nothing as the same ballots were still counted.

Bonners Ferry’s election was one of three in the state of Idaho with voting errors last November. Most surprising, there apparently is no mechanism, policy or procedure in place in the state of Idaho to correct a fraudulent election.

More alarming is the issue not being addressed so it can be fixed.

Sometimes we vote in state and federal elections to simply fulfill a civic duty thinking our vote doesn’t really matter, but in local elections a single vote literally counts.

At least that’s what I thought until now. This is about the integrity of our elections and should be a concern to us all.

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It is up to We the People to ensure valid elections. When those who have been elected to a position of trust, violate that trust, it is up to us to demand corrective action or to replace them. We must begin now, starting with the County Clerk's office.

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