As the social media pages are a buzz with many differing opinions on the reopening of our community and state, there is one blazingly obvious deficiency that many have missed. The mayor has chosen to selectively apply those rules to some city properties but leave others open.

Why, you might ask, would he do that?

He claims that keeping the boat launch at the dam closed is following the governor’s orders because it is frequently used by people who live out of the area. So, it was closed to discourage people from traveling. In theory, that does make some sense and it appears to follow the guidelines that have been given by the state.

However, he forgot how visible his beloved golf course is to the rest of us.

Those same out of state license plates are filling the parking lot, but the course is still open. The contractor for the course will also tell you by phone that he doesn’t care if you are from out of the area.

“Come on up,” he says, “we don’t care if you are not from here.”

You can also purchase a drink and sit down with large groups of people in close proximity to converse and refresh yourself. Social distancing is not being enforced and has created an environment that is violating the governor’s orders.

Let’s be honest, what it really is, is a place where the mayor and his friends that worked so hard to get him elected can hang out.

At this time, we need a leader who is all in for the businesses and residents of this community. One who can navigate the laws, rules and possible funding availability that is best so that this community can thrive, but also keep us safe.

Mayor Staples is unqualified for this job and he is too busy hiding behind the paper on city hall’s windows, avoiding the citizens that he represents as well as his responsibilities. He is compromised by those who helped get him elected, and he has proven he can’t do the job effectively.

I also have to ask why the Lordship church was so behind getting him into office? It should be noted that they now attend every city council meeting – an odd thing for a church to do.

Is he compromised by them too?

He has made it abundantly clear that the rules don’t apply to Dick. That might be why he lives and works in Idaho, but license all of his vehicles in Montana. Is he avoiding paying the sales tax?

Do the schools, county, and city that he is leading know that you have defrauded them of tax dollars?

He have only been in office for four months, and what a mess you have created for himself. He should be setting the example, but unfortunately for Bonners Ferry, it looks like that is not what motivates him.

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Bravo Robin Downing. My sentiments exactly. Mr. Staples is an illegitimately elected mayor who ran for office simply so he could better satiate he and cronies illegitimate ends.

And by the way, you can’t use the Mr. Staples first name to comment on this website because the auto-moderator considers it profanity. How perfectly ironic.

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