Madison Emily McIntyre – Participant #1


Madison Emily McIntyre

Moyie Shrine Club is happy to sponsor Madison Emily McIntyre. Madison is the daughter of Brian and Kirsten McIntyre. She has three sisters, MaKenzie, Macy and Marias. After graduation, Madison plans to attend college at Idaho State University and study Dental Hygiene. Extracurricular activities she enjoys include soccer, track, cross country, swimming, photography, skiing, and hiking.

A modern personality that interests Madison is Meghan Markle, while a historical figures that interests her is Rosa Parks. Madison will be showcasing a combination of vocal and piano for the talent portion of the program.

When asked what makes Madison most proud of her generation, she states, “Our ability to embrace change is what makes me most proud of my generation. We thrive in situations that are constantly changing, such as the state of politics and the growing technology in our world.”

Alisa Renee Hannaman – Participant #2


Alisa Renee Hannaman

Bonners Ferry Rod Benders is proud to sponsor Alisa Renee Hannaman. Alisa is the daughter of Ray Hannaman and Julie Richardson, and has two brothers, Tyler and Tristan. Alisa aspires to attend Oregon State University, where she plans to study Pharmacy. Modern personalities that interest Alisa are Billie Eilish and Shane Dawson.

A few of the extracurricular endeavors that keep Alisa active include Dance Team, painting, and reading. For her talent, Alisa will be entertaining the crowd with a contemporary dance.

When asked what makes Alisa least proud of her generation, she states, “I am least proud of how many generation normalizes drug use and addiction through music and social media.”

Ember Rose Allred – Participant #3


Ember Rose Allred

Bonners Ferry Rotary Club is happy to sponsor Ember Rose Allred. Ember is the daughter of Rachel Jeffs. She has two sisters, Majasa and Lavinder, and three brothers, Riston, Nathaniel, and Tason. Ember plans to attend Gonzaga University, University of Idaho, or North Idaho College and study veterinary medicine. She participates in Cheerleading and enjoys swimming, hiking, and training her horse in her spare time.

Kayne Brown is a modern personality that interests her. Amelia Earhart is a historical personality she finds intriguing. For her talent, Ember will be playing the violin,

When asked what makes her most proud of her generation, she states, “I am proud that we stand up for what is right and that we are not afraid of stating our opinions.”

Kaylee Dawn Worley – Participant #4


Kaylee Dawn Worley

Kaylee Dawn Worley is sponsored by the Knights of Pythias. She is the daughter of Michael and Anastasia Worley. She has five brothers, Malin, Nicholas, Brent, Noah, and Jace, and three sisters, Ayla, Grace, and Breawna. Kaylee plans to attend North Idaho College in order to study Nursing. Kaylee finds modern personalities Liza Koshy and Jess Conte interesting.

In her spare time, Kaylee enjoys drawing, swimming, snowboarding, and singing. For her talent, Kaylee will be performing a monologue.

When asked what makes her least proud of her generation, Kaylee states, “What makes me least proud of my generation is our dependency on everyone else’s approval of everything we do, what we wear, and what we say.”

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