The Joint Finance-Appropriations Committee approved Governor Brad Little’s request today to transfer $2 million to the Governor’s Emergency Fund to help in Idaho’s response to the 2019 novel coronavirus (COVID-19).

“While the individual risk for coronavirus in Idaho is still low, the situation is rapidly evolving and we do expect confirmed cases in Idaho at some point,” Governor Little said. “Idaho is prepared, and we all must do our part to prevent the spread of coronavirus by washing your hands frequently, staying home if you are sick, and avoiding others who are sick. I commend the Legislature for acting decisively to ensure we are prepared to protect the people of Idaho,” Governor Little said.

In addition, Idaho is guaranteed at least $4,568,000 in federal funds after Congress approved President Donald Trump’s request for $8.3 billion in supplemental spending for coronavirus preparedness and response this week.

Earlier this week, Governor Little announced a new web site – Coronavirus.Idaho.Gov – where the public can find up-to-date information from the State of Idaho on the situation and how to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

He also created a Coronavirus Working Group that meets at least weekly to support the work of Idaho’s public health agencies and increase coordination and communication around the many aspects of the issue.

“I am committed to providing timely communication with the public on the status of coronavirus and our preparation and response efforts in Idaho,” Governor Little said.

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Ron McCollum

[sad]....To date, only 27 people have been tested for CoronaVirus in this anyone surprised why we have found no cases in Idaho?!?!

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