It’s a great privilege to recognize and work with Boundary County School District 101’s January Classified Employee of the Month, Mrs. Lori Carpenter.

Mrs. Carpenter has worked as an instructional assistant at Mt. Hall Elementary for the past six years. Don’t be fooled by the job title. Mrs. Carpenter wears many hats at Mt. Hall.

It’s incredible to see the impact Mrs. Carpenter has on our school. Whether it’s helping teach reluctant students how to read, giving students the confidence to get up in front of their entire school and perform, or literally jumping in and helping in any way possible, Mrs. Carpenter inspires students and helps staff every day in multiple ways.

There are few individuals who possess as much talent and patience as Mrs. Carpenter. During a typical week, she works with students kindergarten through third grade and helps them become better readers. Then each afternoon she swaps her days teaching PE and music.

I remember talking with Mrs. Carpenter’s mom about how talented her daughter is. Her mother shared that Mrs. Carpenter has always possessed this incredible ability to get kids to do things that no one else could.

We all know parents can be biased, but I have to agree, because I have seen it happen. Not only can she get students to do things no one else can, she also does it in a way that is fun. If you ask any student at Mt. Hall what’s their favorite thing about school, the majority of them will say something that has to do with one of Mrs. Carpenter’s classes.

Other major events Mrs. Carpenter orchestrates at Mt. Hall is our Veterans’ Day Assembly, Christmas Program, Talent Show, and our monthly Citizen of the Month performances.

These events are really special to our school, and bring in a lot of parents and community members. Outside of school, Mrs. Carpenter shares her talent and helps with the Distinguished Young Women program.

Mrs. Carpenter lives in Bonners Ferry with her husband, Chris, and their three boys Aeden, Hunter and Colton. One of Mrs. Carpenter’s favorite things to do is spend time with her family.

A huge thank you to Mrs. Carpenter for sharing her passion and dedicating so much to our youth. Mrs. Carpenter, you make Mt. Hall Elementary a great place for students to learn, play and grow! Go, Mrs. Carpenter and Go Wildcats!

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