Fourth of July. Oh, woe is me, boo-hoo. No one said you can’t go to the fairgrounds.

No one said you can’t use the playground, tennis courts, baseball, soccer fields.

No one said you can’t line up your cars and drive in a line and go round and round.

No one said the kids can’t ride their bikes with playing cards hitting the spokes of the wheel.

No one said no clowns or face-painting, sack races, egg toss.

No one said you can’t ride your horses, carry your guns, cook chicken or ribs or burgers. Eat potato salad, macaroni salad, pasta salad. S’mores on the barbie ...

All that was said is the fairgrounds cannot be used for a fireworks show. No parade?

There was a time, not so long ago, Bonners Ferry didn’t even have one.

If you do choose to be self-reliant and use the fairgrounds, leave it as clean as you find it. Pack it in, Pack it Out. Local Matters.

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Thanks for sharing your thoughts... I find it interesting how when someone tries to justify the removal of some liberty, like celebrating our independence in a manner that we enjoy and have become accustomed to, they like to remind us of all the liberties that we're still "allowed" to retain, as if that is somehow supposed to make it OK.

We didn't become a free and independent nation by sitting idly by while our government told us what we are and are not allowed to do.

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