Two musicians, one acoustic guitar, 10 hours on the road together. The only possible outcome was a handful of new songs, partially written, with plans to plug in and rock out together at the next opportunity. Riffs and harmonies written at roadside rest stops demanded a closer look at the possibility of joining forces.

Their collaboration started when Mike Foreland, Coeur d'Alene,asked Hannah Willis, Bonners Ferry, to be the photographer for his band Undercard at a music festival in Oregon. He knew she was also a musician, and he offered to help her record a couple of her songs in exchange for media exposure of the weekend.

On the way home they took turns driving, and whoever was in the passenger seat had the guitar.

After playing a couple of low-key acoustic gigs together, it was clear that this collaboration was worth pursuing.


Mike started playing guitar and writing music in his early teens. He had a $10 Radio Shack microphone which he taped to the handle of his vacuum cleaner, since he couldn't afford a real mic stand. Fast forward a "few" years to find him using real mic stands now as the front man of his other band Undercard. Formed in 2014, Undercard has been reaching farther from home each year, and they have a Western states tour planned for Spring 2020.

Hannah had also been writing songs since her early teens, but up until a few years ago only played forgettable acoustic guitar. Her need for a musical outlet changed when she underwent a corrective hip surgery that left her unable to be physically active.

She needed to scream at the pain and get loud to overcome it.

She and a friend started a band called "Vanity, Vanity" which grew to a four-piece before it fell apart last year.

However, it gave her a taste of performing live with other people.

On Friday, their new band, Tragedy Channel, released its first single, "Can't Hold On," produced at Amplified Wax Recording Studio, and accompanying video at Make Waves Media House. The videi can be seen on Tragedy Channel's Facebook site , and the single is available now on SpotifyApple Music and CD Baby.

To learn more about Tragedy Channel, check out their Facebook page and website.

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