After reading the article published earlier today, incumbent Bonners Ferry Mayor David Sims responded, calling and asking if County Clerk Glenda Poston mentioned a letter, dated today, that he received this morning.

She hadn't.

"On November 5, 2019" she wrote in the letter addressed to both candidates, "a general election was held and both of you were on the ballot for the Mayor's office for the City of Bonners Ferry. The Boundary County Board of Commissioners canvased the election ballot and certified the results on November 12, 2019.

"During Election Day there were several people who registered to vote and after being qualified were given a ballot for voting. After the election, while entering the new voters in the computer system, there were four (4) individuals that voted that were listed as non-eligible voters due to the voter's resident address.

"There is no way to track ballots to individual voters. Because your race vote tally was a difference of two (2) votes, it could have an effect on the election outcome and I wanted to bring this to your attention.

"My office does not give legal advice and I will leave it to each of you to address any issues you deem appropriate."

Sims, who had to wait until the election results were canvassed to file a recount request, said he hasn't yet filed a request and that he's been debating filing at all.

But today, he said, he's not so sure just what he'll do. Pursuant to Idaho Code, he has 20 days from the day the results were canvassed to apply for a recount with the Idaho Attorney General.


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Elections affect all of us whether we choose to vote or not. For those of us who do vote and take our civic responsibility seriously, it's important to know our votes matter and the integrity of our elections matter. A recount is pointless because there are four ballots mistakenly cast that will be still be counted again. Four ballots might seem trivial, but in local elections that can be won or lost by a single vote, the phrase every vote counts is true. The only option is to have another election. Without, a shadow will remain on this election and the integrity of our city to ensure a fair process and make every vote really count will be at stake. This is not just about the two candidates. This is about citizens' right to a fair election. It should be an easy decision to make.

CAPT Seabee

Presumably we don't have a provisional ballot process? I guess Idaho didn't jump in on the Help America Vote Act of 2002.

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