Naples Elementary principal Harmon Newhouse has turned in a unique way to Facebook on behalf of one of his school superheroes, Paisley Choate, 7, a Naples Elementary student who fought cancer last year, then was able to return to her home this past summer and begin second grade before learning that her cancer has returned.

She is receiving treatment at Sacred Heart Children’s Hospital in Spokane, preparing for a bone marrow transplant in Seattle early 2020.

While saddened, principal Newhouse reports, she is again fighting valiantly with her family’s unwavering support.

"Help us support Paisley and her family’s struggle by donating, purchasing auction items, or offering items for auction," he wrote, referring to the Paisley Choate Online Auction Fundraiser on Facebook.

"I believe this is a new form of fundraising for Bonners Ferry, hopefully I can explain it clearly," he went on. "While teaching in Wyoming, a young man fell off of a hay bale, paralyzing him from the waist down. The community, which had a population of around 2,300, came together and held an online auction of sorts via Facebook. There were hundreds of items/services donated, including baked goods, meals, homemade jewelry, quilts, gift cards, services, and even labor hours from the entire high school football team. We encourage you to share this page with family and friends and encourage them to donate and bid. All proceeds go to the Choate family to help with expenses during this time."

On the site, those wishing to donate an item for sale can create a post of the item, including a description and starting bid. Pictures can be included.

Those wishing o bid can then do so, silent auction fashion, in the comments.

Just hours after launch, there are scrumptious looking Oreo cupcakes, a photography session, home made meals, house cleaning, martial arts classes and much more!

Please visit and participate, and share the page with friends and family far and wide!

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