This article was not written to sell anyone on fascism, socialism, McCarthyism, liberalism, communism, internationalism, libertarianism, fundamentalism, political cannibalism or any other ism lurking in the universe. However, it is written to raise awareness within our exceptional community and beyond.

I am not sure of where the term or label came from a few years ago, originally, but at one time the statement was: “Welcome to Bonners Ferry, the friendliest town in Idaho.”

I do not know how we got that label, but it was a good label while it lasted.

It appears it may possibly be time to remove that label from our town. A new ugliness has been propagating and protruding for a while and now it is beginning to blossom and is being spewed amongst our neighbors and community.

There are forces within our community that thrives on advocating their lopsided philosophical beliefs which is presenting to folks who come to our town that Bonners Ferry welcomes only certain type of people here.

This dogma erases our “Friendly” label as soon as we get visitors, whether they are passing through, visiting or moving here.

The shift in attitudes toward neighbors during these recent few years has been astounding, to say the least. The few folks who have intense and strong opinions about their ideology believe that their opinions are all that matter and this mind set affects attitudes of others who may or may not agree with their garble.

The various conspiracy theories that insinuate that certain political groups are responsible for the things that are going bad in our country is just a weak attempt to blame others for their own short comings and ignorance.

In our unique and great society, everyone is entitled to their own opinion and have rights to express those opinions.

In the event you want to exhibit your feelings or opinions and express those opinions in public forum, then be human enough, man enough or woman enough to realize your opinions are not expressly accepted. You should be willing to listen to and debate contrary opinions.

If you believe your opinion is the only opinion and everyone else is wrong in their opinion, then you have just placed your ignorance, narcissism and stupidity on display to face public criticism and ridicule.

Just because someone does not agree with your opinion does not make them a bad person, does not make them an idiot, does not make them stupid, does not make them wrong, does not make them an enemy and most certainly does not necessarily make you right.

If you believe in only your ideology, it is possible and most assuredly probable your view of society is skewed and warped.

A society is not made of money, power, property, thoughts, materialist values, or propaganda, but a society is made of people.

We the People are the most important asset to any society. Young and old alike.

In the future before anyone makes any type of statement or any variation of a statement such as “There you go, welcome to socialism,” or “sheeple of socialism are at the door,” stop and think about these types of statements and how they sound.

You are not witnessing socialism as a cause of the recent financial and health issues in this country.

What you are witnessing is the most productive, wealthiest, geographically advantaged, privileged, capitalist society on the face of the earth stutter, stumble, fail and fall on its face at a time it is facing the most basic of tests.

We are now facing a crisis in our country, and it is not about the virus.

This crisis is about a massive failure of the United States' so called "booming economy” to survive even modest challenges. It is about the market dissonance of shortages in stores even as our farmers and producers destroy unpicked crops and products.

This crisis is about the conglomerate corporations asking for, needing and expecting an emergency bailout, “corporate welfare,” within just a few days of the longest bull market in our history ending and despite the ability to borrow with zero percent interest rates that is not available to the people.

If our economy was so strong as our Washington officials asserted, then why are we the people suffering and being asked to prop up the giant corporations? Where is John Galt now?

This crisis is about the “economy vs. investment market.”

This crisis is about the largest turnover and re-distribution of wealth in the history of the Unites States.

This crisis is a test of who will adhere to basic human rights and who will sling insults and show distain and disrespect for others while using irrational ideologies being advocated by foreign influences utilizing American citizens who aren't able to identify the difference between truth or propaganda to spread disinformation, discontent and lies.

This crisis is about corporatized healthcare systems being unable and ill equipped to provide basic healthcare at the same time they boast record profits.

This crisis is about the deterioration of the "Great Experiment" while utilizing unsuspecting or ignorant American citizens to undermine it while poking the proverbial stick in the eye of other American citizens.

This crisis is about preservation of Big Pharma to strive for assurance of their place in the pecking order of distribution of giveaway funds not available to the people.

But most of all, this crisis is a direct result of the politicization of every aspect of our society for the benefit of a privileged few.

The vilification of education, science, free speech/media, natural rights, rural lifestyles, urban lifestyles, charity, compassion and virtually everything else but brief political gain has gutted our society.

Do not get caught up focusing on an "us or them" dogma toward your neighbor during this crisis or any other time. Think past yourself and your selfish attitudes and ideology and think about reaching across the street to understand what your neighbor's needs may be.

There are a few local folks taking their frustrations out on folks who have different political views than their own. Different views are okay if they are not targeting folks to hurt, demean, insult, threaten or attack.

History has proven that if this is the purpose of some of these folks, in return they themselves most assuredly will face being the target.

For the many, many good folks who live in our community who would like to see us keep our "friendliest” label, you should join the majority of folks in this county in encouraging the very few “naysayers” in our community who are spreading their hate doctrine to knock off the rhetoric, as hardly any in this county want to hear it and do not support it.

This hate rhetoric is not going unnoticed by travelers and residents within and out of our community.

Boundary County is "Too Great for Hate." Speak up and speak out.

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