KootenaiValleyTimes.com publisher Mike Weland was accused, tried, convicted and sentenced to seven days in Facebook Jail Friday night for posting a meme on his personal page he pulled off Facebook sometime back that he found funny but that someone this time around apparently found offensive. As a result, he cannot post to the KVT Facebook page until Friday night, January 3.

In the event of serious breaking news in the week ahead, sales and business manager Skye Dimmitt can post if she's available, and Weland will post updates normally put on Facebook on the KVT Twitter account, @KVTimes.

Being in Facebook Jail also means that Weland can't respond to Facebook posts or messages. Anyone needing to contact the big dummy should email him at mikew@kootenaivalleytimes.com or mikeweland@gmail.com.

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Today I was reminded of Face-book Jail. As I recall it was because I posted facts in regards to a young lady who's arm was blown up at Standing rock. You see the CRIME was that she was WHITE and the (Oil-$$$Cops) did not like the fact there were so many humans that "Did not look native" who in fact were using the freedom we have to show up in mass to try and protect our water. .. So so sorry you are in Jail but know what? We all know who the haters are.. Easy to spot.. https://nypost.com/2017/11/18/pipeline-protestor-recalls-horror-of-nearly-losing-her-arm-in-clash-with-police/

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