I am not cheering on the war of words, but your words are so well thought out and I agree with you publishing some of their letters. (See "An editorial exchange of opinion" and "On the bias side of journalism.") 

"They" have only convinced me that it is "they" who are "making themselves" a minority.

I agree that we live in America and all have the right to express themselves ... and you graciously and gracefully offered your site for "them" to express themselves.

You have expressed your views and have given everyone the opportunity to share their point of view.

We all can and should learn from both sides ("they" have made it into "sides") and maybe someone will come out with a fresh view that all learn from..

You keep on doing what you do. I have not read anything you have written that would make me feel you have done anything wrong.

"They" seem to feel the need to say "they" have the area's majority support in their views. In my little world I cannot believe those who claim "everyone" has chosen the leaders of the nation or the state and those they claim "everyone" elected are typically out cheer leading and not protecting or listening to their people they have been elected to represent.

Anyway, take some time to rest your brain and feel the sunshine on your face and breathe. Sleep at night instead of letting those brain wheels turning. I have been in the exact same spot and came to a point where I realized "they" were taking up all my thoughts and there was no time left for me and my own thoughts.

When I am in a quandary, my first husband said, "well when you reach that point and all the pros and cons have been weighed, just ask yourself, "What is the right thing to do?"

The first and right answer always pops up out of your heart. We often ignore the "right" thing because it is the hardest, so keep your balance and keep writing.

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