We have experienced the most egregious move to socialism and debt ever in our country’s history. Started under the direction of “conservatism” with the excuses of “protecting the people;” freedom and our constitutional republic is summarily dismissed as non-essential.

The election laws have been circumvented, and the free open gathering of people and candidates has been prevented.

Our leaders have promoted the lie of emergency, intending to pacify us with federal funds replacing work, duty, responsibility, freedom and truth itself.

The proverb that if you don’t work, you don’t eat is disregarded by those who think they are wiser than God.

The pandemic we are having is the disease of lies. Governor Brad Little and the nanny state have reached a new low.

Regardless of mother Little’s intentions, he has declared war on a once-free people.

It is time to stop dancing to Little’s four step dirge and never do it again.

We all will die of something. Death started with a lie; more lies only adds to the curse, which is cured only by the truth.

Quarantine those with contagious disease, not the healthy. Life has a risk, and that risk is far more palatable than lies, socialism and slavery.

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Mr. Tanner doesn’t seem to understand one crucially important fact. The virus spreads as successfully as it does because those who have contracted it are typically asymptomatic for anywhere from 5 to 10 days. Unfortunately, while asymptomatic, the infected are perfectly capable of transmitting the virus to others. It’s not as if, once infected, a scarlet C suddenly appears on the infected individuals forehead that can alert them of the need to quarantine. Furthermore, some show no symptoms at all but are still capable of spreading the disease.

Now, Mr. Tanner, how many people do you interact with during the average 5-10 day span during which you have no idea that you’re even sick? Lets say its only ten to keep the math simple. In five days those ten people infect ten others. That’s 100 infected. Those 100 then infect 10. Thats 1000. Those 1000 then infect 10. That’s 10,000. In three weeks you, Mr. Tanner, are responsible for infecting pretty much the entire population of Boundary County. How many of those people are old or have pre-existing conditions making them more susceptible to dying from the illness? How many people do you suspect you would kill?

Fortunately, the good sense prevalent in this community prevents ignorance such as yours from becoming as virulent as Covid-19.

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