Idaho First District Representative Heather Scott (R-Blanchard) introduced House Bill 361 on Friday, designed to "end all legal abortion in Idaho, without exception."

Known as the Idaho Abortion Human Rights Act, the bill would, if approved, "assert Idaho's lawful authority to ignore the Federal Judiciary's unconstitutional abortion jurisprudence," and "direct the Attorney General to enforce State law regardless of any contrary court opinions."

It would make it illegal for any person to perform or procure an abortion and also repeal a section of Idaho Code that prohibits the prosecution of abortion as murder.

It would exempt any medical practitioner attempting to save the life of a pregnant woman who, in the process, accidentally kills her child any time from the moment of conception up to the birth of the child, and also allows prosecutors to grant immunity to mothers who assists in the investigation of all involved in the abortion of her child.

The full text of Scott's proposed bill can be read here

The bill was introduced in the House on Friday, January 24, read for the first time, and referred to Judiciary, Rules and Administration for printing.

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Thank you, Heather Scott, for having the courage to try through legal means to protect unborn children who cannot speak up for themselves. We appreciate your boldness and integrity and are proud to have you as our Representative!


See heather, this is what good politicians do:

You know, things that can ACTUALLY make a difference to their constituency. Things that can be accomplished without wasting our money on grandstanding PR stunts.

Maybe give Sen Daines a call and ask him what it feels like to be a legitimate politician.


Heather, we already know you’re so far right you’ve fallen off the stage. Do you really need to waste our hard earned tax-payer money by pulling this silly grandstanding stunt? You know this will never go anywhere. You know that trying to enforce it in the courts will cost Idaho millions and make nobody but scum sucking lawyers rich.

I don’t Idaho needs your political theatrics.

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