Floyd Eby

Friday Update, by Boundary County  PIO Andrew O'Neel: As a follow-up to the press release concerning the missing gentleman, Mr. Floyd Eby, we have sad news.

“Boundary Search and Dive Rescue Team, along with some members of South Boundary Fire and the Sheriff’s Office, found Mr. Eby deceased yesterday," Sheriff Dave Kramer said. "At this time, it appears from natural causes. All the first responders give our sincere condolences to Floyd Eby’s family and friends.”

Thank you for helping to get the news about the search; sadly it did not turn out as we’d hoped.

1:06 p.m.: Sheriff David Kramer asked we cancel this request for assistance. No details were given.

The Boundary County Sheriff’s Office is looking for anyone with information on the whereabouts of Floyd Eby, a possible missing person.

Eby is 66 years old, about five feet, six inches tall weighing about 300 pounds.

Sheriff Kramer found his vehicle parked unoccupied off Deep Creek Loop earlier in the week and law enforcement and his family have not been able to locate him since.

The general area where his vehicle had been parked has been checked and continues to be checked by Boundary Search and Dive Rescue and law enforcement.

If anyone has information or knowledge on where Eby may be please contact the Sheriff’s Dispatch at (208) 267-3151 extension 0.

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