Christian institutions, so called churches, numbering over 800 separate denominations and groupings, according to Google, were basically shut down worldwide for the first time in history, even on Easter Sunday, April 12.

Was this the, "...time for judgement to begin with God's household ..." (1st Peter 4:17)?

Any optimistic view that things were going to get back to normal soon, back then, obviously has disappeared since we are in the last days of July now.

It seems that the sovereign will of the Creator has allowed judgement to continue and spread to our culture and society affecting even out leisure idols of sports and entertainment just as the rest of 1st Peter 4:17 says, "...and if it begins with us, (church,) what will the outcome be for those who do not obey the gospel of God?"

We see, "people defy authority, being abusive, ungrateful, unforgiving, claiming to be wise they become fools. Deceit prospers, truth is suppressed, thrown to the ground. Rebels have become completely wicked. The love of many has grown cold. We have wars and rumors of wars."

Wow! Who would have ever thought the first seven months of 2020 would be like this?

Hollywood couldn't have even made up such a script to have matched this. But wait a minute this was all written ahead of time! Anyone have a Bible? ... What's next?

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