Gary Suppiger

Lake Pend Oreille School Board Trustee Gary Suppiger, R-Cocolalla, Idaho, submitted his formal application for candidacy in the Idaho House of Representatives primary race against incumbent Sage Dixon for District 1, Seat B, naming Kim Keaton, Republican of Dover, Idaho, his Treasurer on March 2.

Suppiger made a soft announcement of his campaign to 60 constituents attending an event for the Invest in Idaho initiative on February 1, citing education as his main motivation for running.

“What the Governor is proposing is just small potatoes compared to what is actually needed for our public education system. It’s because of the ‘have’ and ‘have not’ school districts across the State that I feel compelled to run for this office," he said. "The solution to our education funding crisis starts in the Legislature. We need to stop asking Idahoans to carry the burden of essential education services on their property taxes.”

Public education and property tax reform are among two planks in his platform that favors local governance and local constituent input over special interests.

Gary Suppiger has owned Panhandle Forest Products Inc. for 35 years in Bonner County and employs a workforce of over 25. He lives in Cocolalla with his wife of 30 years, Sally. His three grown children; Gerhart IV, Madeline and Caroline are out leading successful lives as young adults. Suppiger has strong family values and work ethic that has carried on to the next generation.

In addition to being a successful business owner and father, he has volunteered at Sagle Elementary School for 17 years as an after-school math tutor and as Bonner County School Board Trustee for the past four years.

In the coming weeks, a campaign meet and greet schedule will be announced.

The Suppiger for Idaho campaign invites constituents to learn more about Gary on his website or on social media @suppiger4idaho, where you can sign up for the campaign email newsletter, join the campaign as a volunteer or contribute to the Suppiger for Idaho campaign fund.

To have Gary Suppiger to speak at your upcoming meeting or event, please email the campaign at The Idaho primary for State elected officials is May 19. To vote for Gary Suppiger, you must be registered as a Republican or unaffiliated Voter by March 13.

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Wow Gary !! so you going to do the honest thing and switch your party affiliation to Democrat and run as one because your record shows that your not a Republican or a Conservative..Vote Dixon...

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