The Boundary County Human Rights Task Force's propaganda agenda is a wagon of lies and is at war with the principles our nation was founded upon.

These principles were that God existed and that right, justice and law emanate from His Word, not from the changing opinions of man.

The high-sounding ideals of “human rights” to eliminate unemployment, poverty, “inequality,” and promote “dignity,” sounds good! Have not heard yet from any promoting unemployment, poverty, inequality and "indignity."

So what is really riding in their wagon to "utopia?"

The Liberal agenda is pro-abortion, with more than 70-million murdered. The mass murderers like Stalin, Hitler, Mao and others, tyrants of history, promoted similar high sounding “ideals.”

The task force's version of “dignity” includes promoting the “LBGTQ community.”

We have same-sex marriage, original birth certificates being reissued for the “feel like a different sex” person and those who demand to be called by a myriad of pronouns that make them “feel better.”

These "proud" people line up to proclaim their “pride,” but it’s all a lie.

Their agenda is the new Naziism. Their pit of tolerance is bottomless and the only "pronoun" that truthfully articulates where it is taking us is “Hell.”

The remains of Sodom and Gomorrah are a lasting monument to "tolerance." The Task Force wagon that is full of dead bodies, and lies and has nothing to be proud of.

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Ron McCollum

It's true, Steve, these people have no problem misrepresenting themselves, their accomplishments or their worth to this community. Integrity is a word that is foreign to them and you're right, deception is their game. They don't represent the people of this community. I, myself, and many others wish they would just leave.....I know California would welcome them; but now that I think about it, they might be too much even for them.........

Kirk Dixon

Thanks Steve......Spoken like a true PATRIOT. I agree with you 100+%

It's time to call these groups out and expose them for who they truly are......Kirk Dixon

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