Concerned about the recent election results in Bonners Ferry only to discover you must file a lawsuit to find out if any laws were broken?

Compare that to a recent Idaho school bond/levy election (not BCSD 101) which openly violated state law concerning ballot language. 

After the election the district said oops, admitting the gaffe, and the state issued a statement that a lawsuit has to be filed in order to see if any laws were broken.

The December 3 Bonners Ferry minutes mentioned money already “transferred” from the electric department to the water department. Bonners Ferry Electric customers will pay higher rates to pay back the money, with interest, owed to the Bonners Ferry Water Department. Not because of the cost of electricity.

Hmm, even if you don’t live in Bonners Ferry but use BF electric?

Violate IC 31-1508? Simply put, you’re not supposed to take money from Peter to pay Paul.

I imagine you would have to file a lawsuit to find out.

The common denominator in all these and more is that none of this occurs in a dimly lit, smoke filled backroom. Meetings are announced, minutes are posted, legal notices filed.

It’s not hard to get away with … because you choose not to watch.

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My electricity was about $50 more this month and it shows I used less electricity than last billing season. Water and garbage are the same, but power is way more than usual. Talked to a few other people. Same thing. Looks like we're paying for it already without any notice at all that it was being increased

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