It's a sad sign of the times: A man who grew up in Bonners Ferry and now lives in Coeur d'Alene wrote that he was planning on coming home this weekend to help his aged mother, but he's concerned.
"I hear more and more people getting angry at people from the bigger cities down south or out of state," he wrote. "This is dangerous and wrong, but maybe you could remind people of the need to be civil."
I think the anger he's referring to is directed at hoarders who empty the shelves in our local stores, which is wrong as well; the stores are open to all and, if management wants to deter those buying up their merchandise, it's up to them to establish policies. not on the public to take umbrage at the hoarders.
These are interesting times we are living in, and it behooves all of us to remember how we respond when the snow falls deep or the hills slide, as neighbors, stepping up to help neighbors and doing what needs done. By working together, we will all get through this crisis a little easier than if we give in to our fears and turn on one another.

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