Montana Covid-19 cases by day

The United States continues to lead the world in COVID-19 cases, closing in on three million cases and with five percent of the world's population, accounting for a quarter of the global novel coronavirus infections.

Montana set yet another ill-sought record in the fight to stem COVID-19, with 80 new cases confirmed between 10 a.m. Monday and 10 a.m. today bringing the state's total to 1,327 cases, with 23 dead and 716 recovered.

Yellowstone County saw 55 new cases, bringing the county total to 325. Gallatin County now has 308. In the Kootenai/Cabinet region, Lincoln County has had nine cases, Flathead County 64. Sanders and Mineral Counties remain COVID-19 free.


Idaho COVID-19 cases by day

North Idaho continues to see the virus spread as well, with 90 new cases confirmed in the Panhandle over the holiday weekend, as posted at noon Monday. Kootenai County has 440 cases and one death, Bonner County 39, Benewah County 15, Shoshone County three, Boundary County one, with 13 whose home of record is undetermined.

Statewide, 319 new COVID 10 cases were confirmed for the 24 hours from 5 p.m. Sunday to 4:59 p.m. Monday, bring the Gem State count to 8,052 cases with 95 cases fatal and 2,907 recovered.


British Columbia COVID-19 cases by day.

In British Columbia, seven new cases reported between 4:30 p.m. Sunday and 4:29 p.m. Monday, bringing the province total to 2,978 cases, with 183 dead and 2,629 recovered.

In the Interior Health Region, no new cases leaves the count at 203 with two dead.

The Centers for Disease Control, Atlanta, reports 46,329 new cases since Monday. On July 5, Canada saw 219 new cases.

According to Johns Hopkins, the United States is closing in on three million confirmed cases as of 9:34 am. EDT today, with 2,953,423 to date, with 130,546 dead. Canada has had 107,884 confirmed cases and 8,761 deaths.

Worldwide, 11,679,808 have been infected by the novel coronavirus, 539,764 have died.


Mike Weland has been a journalist since serving as battalion Hometown News specialist in the Army's 82nd Airborne Division beginning in 1979. He is publisher, editor and reporter at, which he launched in March, 2018.

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