Dr. Ben Good and Bonner General Health have asked citizens to trust their judgment regarding the coronavirus and the associated restrictions on freedom. In response, I have one simple request to make of them:

Are Dr. Good and his associates willing to make a public and uncompromising statement against the health-risking, disease-causing behaviors of the "LGBT community?"

After all, statistics provided by the CDC make it abundantly clear that homosexual and bisexual men account for approximately two-thirds of all new HIV diagnoses in the U.S. each year; that's around 26,000 people annually whose intentional actions spread a virus that causes a disease which makes COVID-19 look tame by comparison.

Are those medical professionals willing to state on the record that a person's DNA absolutely cannot be altered from male to female (or vice-versa), and that the self-interested activists who claim otherwise are jeopardizing the sanity - and ultimately the lives - of those who believe them and follow their guidance?

Until the medical community at large is willing to take an unapologetic stand for such obvious and unyielding scientific facts, I for one shall continue to view their advice regarding the coronavirus with skepticism, at best.

Those who are unfaithful in the little things cannot be trusted with greater concerns, such as the cherished liberties of honest, God-fearing people.

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Very well stated Mr. Wells!

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