City of Libby Public Hearing, 6 p.m. Tuesday, January 21 in the Council Chambers at City Hall, 952 East Spruce Street, Libby. The purpose of the hearing Public Hearing is to obtain public comment regarding the purposed increases in wastewater rates.

Call to Order:

Pledge of Allegiance

Roll Call


New Business:

Each new agenda item will be introduced by the Mayor (or assigned liaison) with a description of the item and explanation for the recommended action. Following council discussion on each item will be an opportunity for public comment (prior to any action taken.) Public comment is limited to agenda item being discussed.

General Comments from Council:


Manner of Addressing Council:

Each person, not a  Council member shall address the Council, at the time designated in the agenda, or as directed by the Council, by stepping to the podium or microphone, giving that person's name and address in the audible tone of voice for the record, unless further time is granted by the Council, shall limit the address to the Council to three minutes.

All remarks shall be addressed to the Council as a body and not to any member of the Council or Staff. 

No person, other than the council and the person having the floor, shall be permitted to enter any discussion either directly or through a member of the Council without the permission of the Presiding Officer.

No questions shall be asked of individuals except through the Presiding Officer.

Any person making personal, impertinent or slanderous remarks or who shall become boisterous or disruptive during the council meeting shall be forthwith barred from further presentation to the council by presiding officer unless permission to continue to be granted by a majority vote of the council.


  • Occurred Tuesday, January 21st, 2020 @ 6:00 pm

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