A Montana Animal & Bird Tracking Class sponsored by the 2020 Libby Hostel will be held at 9 a.m. Saturday, January 11, beginning with a classroom lecture of about 45 minutes at the Kootenai Mercantile, 316 California Avenue, Libby, then off for a day in the field until about 3 p.m.

The practical classroom lecture will cover topics including spotting wildlife and observing and identifying tracks and sign of local mammals and birds. There will be a series of handouts for all attending.

The group will then head to private land field locations where they will take short hikes of less than a mile round trip to interpret tracks and sign. The participants will also be visiting some roadside stop and hop areas to scan for wildlife and examine tracking scenarios. Class will wrap up 3 pm.

Participants are asked to come prepared for a field day, dressed properly for conditions, with hats, gloves, winter boots, snow-shoes, ski or trekking poles, lunch, water and snacks. Additionally, group members should come with full gas tanks, binoculars, cameras, a measuring tape and a pocket field guide.

Libby is a strikingly beautiful area in the wintertime, full of friendly folks with a strong community spirit. Tour leader Brian Baxter has education and extensive field experience in wildlife research involving Canadian lynx, wolverine, fisher, pine marten and birds of prey such as boreal owls and goshawks.

Cost is $30 per person, payable to 2020 Libby Hostel. For more information and to sign up please contact him at email or call (406) 291-2154.

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