Ask this question of every candidate, no matter the political contest, “What should Congress do to combat climate change?” Every election is vitally important. Several municipal governments in Montana are acting on climate. We can continue to grow political will for climate action with our votes.

Climate change is caused by global warming. Carbon dioxide blankets the Earth and traps in heat. Burning coal, oil, and natural gas makes more carbon dioxide. The Earth is getting warmer as the carbon dioxide blanket thickens. 97% of climate scientists have concluded that humans are causing global warming, largely due to burning fossil fuels.

Leading experts say carbon dividends are the best way to curb climate change. Carbon dividends have broad bipartisan support because they are fair, transparent, and do not grow government. Most importantly they are very effective at quickly reducing carbon dioxide pollution by impacting all sources.

The Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act, HR 763, is based on carbon dividends. It will reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 40% in the first 12 years. Monthly cash payments are fair, especially for middle and low income families. A predictable carbon price will drive investment in clean energy projects. See:

A clean energy future is an awesome future! Ask candidates “What should Congress do to combat climate change?” Then, be sure to vote.

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