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Direct Admissions cards on the way to high school seniors

September 4, 2018
High school seniors across Idaho will receive a Direct Admissions postcard in coming days alerting them that their college admissions letter will soon be on the way. The postcard and letter are part of the Idaho State Board of Education’s Direct Admissions program, whereby all high school seniors are automatically admitted either to six or all eight of Idaho’s public colleges and universities, depending on their academic performance in high school.

The State Board is sending the postcard to raise awareness about the Direct Admissions letter, which will be mailed out to approximately 22,000 high school seniors later this month letting them know there are options for every student after graduation. The postcard is also intended to remind students to start planning ahead, because students will still need to apply before they are accepted either at a technical college or a university.

“Starting October 1st, high school seniors will be able to apply to any Idaho college or university using the Apply Idaho website at nextsteps.idaho.gov,” State Board College and Career Advising Program Manager Byron Yankey said. “The site is a great source of information for students and families to learn more about education opportunities. Using Apply Idaho is free of charge and connects student to college and university staff to assist them as they plan for the future.”

Last year, 9,000 high school seniors used Apply Idaho to submit their applications to an average of 2.5 institutions each.

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