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ISA endorses Proposition 2

September 12, 2018
The Idaho Sheriffs’ Association (ISA) today endorsed Proposition 2, the Medicaid expansion ballot initiative. If passed, Proposition 2 will provide healthcare for the 62,000 Idahoans who fall into the state’s health coverage gap.

"The vote for this wasn’t even close” said Chris Goetz, Clearwater County Sheriff and ISA Government Affairs Chair. “Sheriffs voted overwhelmingly to support Proposition 2 to save taxpayers money, to keep people out of the jails, and to keep people out of the emergency room. By expanding coverage to low-income people with health issues or mental health issues, they’re more likely to contribute to society and less likely to end up back in the system."

The endorsement comes in conjunction with the release of “The Health Coverage Gap and Law Enforcement,” a fact sheet by Close the Gap Idaho.

According to the research, “By closing the coverage gap, we can ensure Idahoans with substance use issues and mental illness have access to the healthcare treatment they need, in turn, reducing the need for law enforcement to play this role.”

In addition, nearly half of Idaho’s medically indigent cases involve a mental health diagnosis. Providing healthcare for 62,000 Idahoans would also reduce indigent costs and save taxpayers money while preventing future crime.

The ISA is a non-profit professional organization consisting of 44 county elected sheriffs. The ISA facilitates communications between its members and other government entities that it typically works with such as the Idaho Department of Correction, State Police, city police departments, State Legislature, Health and Welfare, Emergency Communication Center, DEA, FBI, Homeland Security, U.S. Marshals Service, and numerous committees and sub-committees within these organizations.

The ISA also helps to implement procedures and policy as a result of new laws.

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